Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Organising a reference library

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So often I've wanted to re-order a specific type of patterned paper or TimHoltz cardstock but the images on the web is not always clear enough to show me which one it is I need. So I just recently started a type of reference 'library' in an A5 hardcover book (which I covered with DP of course :D)

It works like this:
 For my Tim Holtz distress cardstock, I cut a piece that has the sticker at the back with the name of the color. I glue one side down so I can see the front but lift it up to view the name at the back.
I had these strips left over from some Fabscraps paper (SOOOOO Beautiful) and I've glued them the same way. In this case the name is on the white strips. Because these are double sided, I've kept the edge unglued to lift up again. If you only have a small piece left, you can just glue it in and write underneath the brand and range name.

I think it will also be nice to look back later to see what papers I used because as we know they get discontinued regularly.

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