Friday, May 4, 2012


I haven't been online for a while partly due to internet problems but also because we went away on a little holiday for a few days. We went to the beautiful little town of Clarens in the Free State Province (South Africa) and it was an amazing trip. We went with very good friends whose kids are close in age to mine and they had an absolute ball. Here are some pics to show my overseas friends a little part of my beautiful country:
 These are a small part of the Maluti Mountains in the Golden Gate National Park.
We did a 4x4 trail near Fouriesberg called "Didibeng" (meaning 'place of fountains'). It was a fantastic drive until we tried to go up a mountain trail that was of a higher difficulty rating. Our friends went ahead of us and couldn't get their car up the second assent - it was too steep. Thank heavens that was exactly at the turnaround point so we could head back to the easier trail. My nerves were shot. In the picture above is my hubby and son on the left, with my girl in the middle. Our friend and his son on the right. My girlfriend was in the car with their sleeping 1 year-old.
 Gabriel re-arranging the pile of stones we found at the first look-out point. The other kids added their stone / stones as well to mark our visit.
 What a view.
 Our friends in their car leading the way up. 
This is a plateau in the Golden Gate National Park. Beautiful grass lands.
There was a little time for artistic pursuits. This is a photo of my FIRST art acquisition and the artist, William Dobbelaere (originally from Belgium). 


Veels Geluk dimensions

This card was made for a friend of my mother's.  "Veels Geluk" means congratulations in Afrikaans. The letters were die-cut ...