Friday, December 5, 2014

Name tags for Christmas gifts 2014

Every year I try to do something special / different with either the name tags or with the wrapping of the Christmas presents. I've done wrapping in bubble wrap (not soon again), had key chains for name tags (last year) and one year I had the picture of the recipient as the name tag. That one was quite fun for the kiddies.

This year I'm stamping on 'tongue depressors' (really, need to call that something else!!).  They still need to get a little hole drilled on the one side for the ribbon:
The 'front' was stamped with a stamp from Unity's "Growing in Unity" and the backs with "to and from" from the October 2013 Kit of the month.

Quick and fun to make!


Previous years:
The key chain name tags
Bubble wrap gift wrapping with 'serviette-decoupage-on-clay" name tags!
The year in purple with hand-stamped & die-cut name tags
(There was also a 'Furoshiki' year I remember!)


  1. WOW! I love this idea! Very different, and I love seeing your past years tags too!

  2. Having some trouble posting so here I go again. Sorry if the previous ones show up. Just want you to know that I love the projects including the COFFEE STIR STICKS.

  3. Cute tags.
    isoscia at aol dot com

  4. Awww gee, the bubble wrap looks like a fun idea! Great stamped craft sticks this year!

  5. I like your tongue depressor idea. Great packaging. TFS

  6. Stunning gift tags, all of them. Very creative.

  7. How creative! And I love that you've included what you've done in years past! Super cute!

  8. VERY different! LOVE the ideas! Thanks for sharing---so inspiring!


Snowboard Santa

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