Friday, June 3, 2011

Practise makes perfect

I'm almost too shy to put this first card pic here but I wanted to show that practise does make (almost) perfect. But also that it's worthwhile watching what experts have created and also take note of their techniques. The first card here is one of the first I've made (I think I deleted the very first one because it was just shameful :D).
(Once again blogger is throwing this on its side, sorry)

So what's wrong with this? First of all, it lacks depth. Doesn't it look a bit "empty"? Depth is achieved by layering. If you look at samples of experts' cards you will see that they often use 2 layers on top of the basic card stock to mount the focal image on.


Giovana who created the card above is one of my favorite GinaK designers on . Her style is very much what I'm working towards achieving. Do yourself a favour and visit her website. Your eyes are in for a treat.

By using two layers like this, you immediately give depth and interest to your card. It functions as a way of "setting the scene" so to speak.

If your main paper is quite busy you often just need one 'framing' layer behind it to make it "pop".

Theresa Momber who created the card above is an absolute artist when it comes to shading. Check out her website for fantastic instructions.

What about CAS?

All this layering is of course not always necessary if you are going for a "CAS" look (Clean and Simple).

With CAS your composition of image, sentiment and embellishment is key. The whole point is to leave it clear and uncluttered.

This card of mine is a good example:

For brilliant layout ideas see:

I'm particularly happy with the cards I made for the May challenges. ( They show an improvement even if only in my eyes.

Visit GinaK's website for lots of opportunity to learn.


  1. Isn't it fun learning from the experience of others! Great choices of mentors between Theresa and Giovana!!

  2. How very sweet of you!! Gina has such a talented team of artists!! Your card is fantastic!!

  3. Thanks Riette!! You are so sweet. I am happy you like my style and my work.
    Gina K. Design DT is awesome!!

  4. Your doing great. I spotted Gina K's store and tutorials about 2 years ago and have been following them since.

  5. It was really great to read this Riette. My husband just found some of my very first cards I'd created when I thought I had lost them all when my computer crashed. I used to scan my cards before I mailed them out. It was so fun to see how far I'd come. Having case'd one of your cards, I know firsthand how far you've come with your craft. Thank you for sharing this with us.


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