Friday, January 20, 2012

Ribbon storage

I don't have a lot of ribbon but they were starting to climb out of their little drawer so this morning I decided I need to do something about it.

When I Googled "Ribbon storage ideas" I was blown away by how much ribbon people have!! A favorite storage idea for ribbon on spools can be seen here

I do have some ribbon on spools but since I usually buy by the meter I had these odd strips of ribbon bundled up. So this is what I did:
 Wrap the ribbon around 2 or 3 fingers into a roll. Stuff the roll into a small plastic zip bag, leaving one end sticking out. Close the zip on the sides of the ribbon. Now when you need some, just gently pull out the length needed and cut.
I had this odd plastic container lying around so I stacked the plastic bags in it. Where I only had a short strip of ribbon I grouped like colours together, stuffed the strip in and left one edge sticking out

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