Monday, April 1, 2013

Ugly Card Blog Hop!!

This is SO MUCH FUN!! Not much time left but I'm going to BLUSH and BARE it!!
This is one of, if not THE, first card I ever made. It is UUUUUGLYYYYYYYY!! It never even made it to my blog LOL!!
Oh man, I have nothing to say....


  1. It is NOT ugly, in my view! It's called unique! At least you had a plan---the diagonal layout and use of sentiment are fabulous! Thanks for sharing this lovely one ;)

  2. Actually the CAS layout is quite cool! Maybe it just needs a touch of color ;)

  3. Thanks for stopping by to see my UGLY card Riette! I actually think this card is very lovely! :)

  4. It's not only been fun sharing our ugliest cards, it's been so fun meeting new creative people and seeing, truly, how far we've come!! Thanks for being brave and joining in the fun, Riette!!

  5. Thanks for joining in on the fun today. It has been fun seeing how far we stampers have come, and meeting some new people.

  6. Hi Riette! Well, I think the layout is fabulous and now I want to try a card like this! You've come a long way, and I am happy you linked up with us - thank you!


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