Thursday, August 4, 2011

If you can't FIX it, FLAUNT it!

You know the saying, "if you can't fix it, flaunt it"? This can not be more true in the case of this card. For the current Monday challenge over at, we had to "Break the Rules". You can check the link for the 'rules' we had to follow :D

What I wanted to show you is what I did when I tried to score only TWO lines at the top and sides. Because the card is 9" long (one of the rules we had to break was to get away from the standard size), and my Scor-Buddy is 6" long, the score line did of course not reach the bottom. When I also tried to turn the card the other way to score the other side, I had to guess how far from the top I had to start. Oh dear me, I got the score lines all wrong! So ....
... I made score lines at random lengths to get around it! I rubbed the scored sheet with distress ink to highlight the lines.

The other fault I had to hide is under the bow.  I forgot to put double-sided tape on top of the black ribbon when I put the green one down, so it lifted up a bit. I put a double-sided 3D dot in the middle under the green ribbon and LO and BEHOLD, you could see it stick out slightly. Aaaarrrgghhh. Therefore - a bow.

The sentiment (from GinaK Designs Garden Silhouettes), is stamped on back sheet of the card:
This is also the only way I could figure out how to adhere the back 9" sheet to the front. I guess this is how it's done...

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