Monday, August 29, 2011

Ribbon cards

The following two cards were made for a ribbon theme:

Take a piece of cardstock of a color that fits in with the ribbons used. Since I used dark colors, I used a black piece of cardstock for the base.
Measure each piece of ribbon at least twice the length of the cardbase to make sure you have enough to create the folds.
Put a piece of double-sided tape down the whole length to start the first row. Remove the backing paper.
Lay your ribbon down on top of the tape, only on the edge, but let it overlap the edge by a bit so that it can be folded to the back.
I use my paper piercer which has a long sharp point and held it near the tape and then folded the ribbon over it, pressing the other end onto the tape. This creates the fold. Continue until you've made the folds where you want them. I didn't have folds all the way along the tape but varied their placement.
This sounded a bit confusing when I read this, so I went and took a photo to show you what I mean:

For the next row, put another piece of double-sided tape down the length and repeat the process.
For the sentiment row I cut TWO seperate pieces of ribbon and started them from each end, ending where I wanted the sentiment to go. The sentiment was stamped on a small piece of cardstock, the width of the ribbon. I put this in place on the double-sided tape.
The two ends of the ribbon ared folded back on themselves and adhered with glue-dots.
Once all the rows are completed, add the brads.
Now fold all the ribbon edges sticking out the sides to the back and adhere with double-sided tape to the back.
Adhere the front piece to your cardbase.

Sentiment from GinaK Designs: Fanciful Tags

For the second card, I used ribbons to make flowers:

There are two types of flowers here and here are the links to their instructions (so glad for very clever people out there who share their talents :D)
Back, light-blue flower:
Front stripey flower:
For more ribbon flower ideas, see here:
I stuck the two flowers together using my glue gun.

Sentiment from GinaK Designs: Garden Silhouettes

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